Lane Dividers Surface Pattern Design | Annie C Designs

Lane Dividers

Today’s pattern design is inspired by my water aerobics class. This is Lane Dividers:

Lane Dividers Surface Pattern Design | Annie C Designs

Today is an anniversary of sorts. I started going to water aerobics (or “water fitness” as the course catalog calls it, but no one knows what that is) on President’s Day last year. I love it. I get to splash around in the water and play with toys like pool noodles and Styrofoam weight thingies. And I really like my classmates. I’m the youngest in the class by a few years, but that doesn’t matter. We still find lots of things to chat about as we hop about in the water.

There is a lane roped off in the pool so folks can swim laps while we do our workout without having to worry about us running into them. That lane divider is my inspiration. I have spent quite a bit of time staring at it over the past year as I jump like a frog and do cross-country skiing strides under the water. The divider is made of plastic discs. It starts all white, but then moves into an alternating pattern of 8 blue discs, then 8 white.

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