Washi Watercolor | Annie C Designs

Design-a-Day Spoonchallenge Day 2

Today’s theme for the Spoonflower Design-A-Day challenge was watercolor. In the write-up for the prompt on the Spoonflower Blog, artist Emily Sanford showed an example using washi tape to create outlines for shapes. I wanted to try this technique.

First, I penciled in some grid lines on my paper, then used the washi tape to make some triangle shapes that were sort of even.

Washi-taped Paper | Annie C Designs

Then it was time to add paint. I used a simple eight color elementary school-type set of watercolors for this. I chose red and purple.

Watercolor on Washi Tape | Annie C Designs

Then I pulled up the tape and moved to a spot with better light to snap this picture.

Finished Red and Purple Triangle Watercolor | Annie C Designs

I knew I wanted this one to repeat for my final design, so a few of those triangles were going to get cut in half for that to work. I took my photo into Photoshop and cleaned up a couple of stray pencil lines and brightened up the picture a little bit. I decided it would be easier to duplicate the triangles that were going to be cut in half than to try to match up two triangles with slightly different watercolor shading patterns. So, some duplicating and moving and further adjusting happened, and I got a tidy little piece to take into Illustrator.

Red and Purple Watercolor Motif | Annie C Designs

I probably could have uploaded this right into Spoonflower and all would have been well, but I wanted to have the option to makes this really big someday, and that meant converting to a vector image in Illustrator with the Live Trace tool. And so I did. After that, I removed the mottled white-ish gray background of the paper to get a solid background for my triangles to sit on. Then I duplicated and tiled the image and had my final design.

Purple & Red Watercolor Triangles Surface Pattern Design | Annie C Designs

Until next time,

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