Carrots | Annie C Designs

Design-a-Day Spoonchallenge Day 3

Today’s theme for the Spoonflower Design-A-Day challenge was abstract.

Last night, I made some fancy roasted carrots for dinner. The actually cooking wasn’t fancy, but the colors of the carrots were so pretty! I snapped a quick photo so I could use the colors for a design later.

Carrots | Annie C Designs

Those colors! I loooove them, especially that deep purple.

When I read that today’s prompt was abstract design, I thought about those carrots and started to work! I made some long skinny triangles to represent the carrots using colors I picked up from the photo.

Triangles in Illustrator | Annie C Designs

I laid the carrots randomly at first, and then wiggled them around a bit more. I went for a scattered look, not the row I had in my original photo.

After I trimmed up the edges and tried out the repeat, I realized I didn’t like the way the point of that yellow carrot met the edge of the purple one.

Triangle Repeat in Illustrator | Annie C Designs

I extended the point on that one and had a design I was happy with for now.

Abstract Carrots | Annie C Designs

Until next time,

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