Happy Day 1 Surface Pattern Design | Annie C Designs

Design-a-Day Spoonchallenge Day 12

Today’s theme for the Spoonflower Design-A-Day challenge was typography. For this prompt, I returned to an idea that I have been playing around with for a while, but have never really finished—Happy Day.

I drew these letters in Illustrator. I didn’t have a sketch I was working from, I just used the pen tool and started making shapes. I wanted the letters to look choppy, like I cut them out of construction paper freehand.

After I had the letters the way I wanted them, I pulled up the “Tetrad” swatch library in Illustrator to find a bright, fun color palette for my words.

Happy Day 1 Surface Pattern Design| Annie C Designs

Until next time,

As I was posting this one to all of my social media feeds, I took a second look at it and thought, “I wonder what it would look like if I turned some of those Happy Days on their side?” So I tried it out, and ended up with something I like better:


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