Ninja Stars Take a Backseat Surface Pattern Design | Annie C Designs

Ninja Stars Take a Backseat

I’m sitting at a McDonald’s as I write this. I was going to hit up the Panera, but it is hot and McDonald’s has ice cream, so they won the wi-fi work space award for today. If I get around a little earlier, or if I’m not feeling as overwhelmed with humidity, Panera may win tomorrow. I have nothing against Panera, except for their lack of hot fudge sundaes on this very afternoon.

I’m in my hometown of Rolla, Mo this week. My mom is the proud owner of a new knee, so I am hanging out here for a little while. Because I have been traveling the past couple weeks, I have done very little advance work on blog posts and so forth. So, here I am, at McDonald’s between visits to the hospital to see mom, hoping I can get this post finished and uploaded before my laptop battery dies. Good times.

I do have a new surface pattern that I want to share with you, though. This one is called Ninja Stars Take a Backseat:


This design is based on Ninja Star or Friendship Star quilts. I was playing around with this quilt block pattern for another design, when I stumbled across the version I have created here, with a light color for the star and alternating darker colors for the “background.” This makes the star almost disappear, or take a backseat. See how that name came together there?

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And…I didn’t make. My battery life went way down when I started uploading photos, but I moved to a seat with an electrical outlet by it, so I was able to finish. Hooray!

Until next time,

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