Ninja Stars Surface Pattern Design | Annie C Designs

Ninja Stars

A little while back, I shared my Ninja Stars Take a Backseat pattern design with you. Today, those ninja stars are front and center. This is Ninja Stars:


I laid out the stars so they create diagonal lines of color. I really like making quilt block-style patterns—I get all of the fun of designing a quilt without having to do the work of making the quilt. Maybe I will get to that someday, but I am sticking with my crochet and embroidery for now.

For fabric, gift wrap, and wallpaper, visit my Spoonflower shop. It would be pretty cool if you got some of this fabric that looks like a quilt to put into a quilt you are making. Mind. Blown.

Cut-and-sew patterns, like the raglan shirt above, are available from Sprout Patterns.

Furniture, kitchen linens, and pillows can be found in my Roostery shop.

For tote bags, pouches, throws, and more, visit my Society6 shop.

Journals, finished clothing, phone cases, and such are available in my RedBubble shop.

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