Mojito Clamshell Surface Pattern Design | Annie C Designs

Mojito Clamshell

Last weekend: flood.

This weekend: EARTHQUAKE!

Oh my goodness! It was a first for me. I was lying in bed reading and I felt the bed move. I thought it had decided to collapse. I heard the things on the top of the bookcase next to the bed rattle around a bit. I thought maybe a big truck was driving by, so I looked out the window to see it, but there was nothing. It was an earthquake!

According to everything I’ve seen on the news, the quake was centered in Pawnee, Oklahoma and was a 5.6. It looked like there was a fair amount of damage there, but, as far as I know, no one was seriously injured.

On the news last week, there was a report about local hospitals doing an earthquake drill. They were planning for a quake along the New Madrid fault line, which is “the big one” in Missouri. The thought is that if/when “the big one” happens, St. Louis and Memphis are going to be out of commission and Kansas City is going to have to care for a lot of injured people. It is weird that they did that drill so close to the only earthquake we have felt in Kansas City in I don’t know how long (I’ve been here 20 years).

Confession: I’ve been a Missourian my whole life (that’s not the confession). In elementary school, they taught us about the New Madrid quake and told us that it made the Mississippi River flow backwards. My teachers did not make it clear to me that the reverse flow was a temporary phenomenon. I was pretty old before I realized that the river didn’t flow from Louisiana to Minnesota prior to 1811. Yeah. Super proud of that.

Earthquake aside, it was a pretty quiet weekend. Mike and I have been through every storage bin that was in our basement and have even more things to take to the donation center. In between sorting and moving and shuffling basement stuff, I got this surface pattern design posted to all of my various shops. This is Mojito Clamshell:

Mojito Clamshell Surface Pattern Design | Annie C Designs

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