Opulent Veil Surface Pattern Design | Annie C Designs

Winter School Part I

I have been participating in the Make it in Design Winter School. Over the course of the last month, I’ve been given two creative briefs to work from to create designs. I thought this would be good for me to do, as I usually just make whatever I want to make. Then I got the first brief:

Megatrend: #Opulent
Theme: Dark Veils

Um, what?

Looking through the brief, there were a lot of photos of dark florals and lace and shadows. Not really my thing. I did, however, focus in on these words and phrases as I read:

  • Dark
  • Shadowed
  • Geometrics
  • Gothic architecture
  • Mysterious
  • “Remember to inject ‘you’ into your design.”

I centered in on that “Gothic architecture” one and made a design based on an arch. We were given a suggested color palette in the brief, and I thought keeping the entire design black and gray was the way I wanted to go, but that I could use a little pop of one of the colors in the palette to highlight one side of the arch. As I started flipping and duplicating and rotating my arches, I turned those highlights into little waves that hug what now looked kind of like egg timers.

I also added just a touch of shadow extending from each arch, which gave the design a much more three dimensional look than I was anticipating, but I do like it.

Here’s my final design:

Opulent Veil Surface Pattern Design | Annie C Designs

And here’s what it would look like on a few items:

Opulent Veil Mock-Ups | Annie C Designs

None of the places I print my designs offer metallic printing, but I think the lavender curves would look pretty snazzy with a bit of shimmer on them.

You can see the full gallery of designs from the Winter School Intermediate track here.

Until next time,

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