Broken Beauty Surface Pattern Design | Annie C Designs

Winter School Part II

As I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been participating in the Make it in Design Winter School. The second creative brief for my track was:

Megatrend: #Wilderness
Theme: Broken Beauty

As I have been getting the Annie C Designs website in order over the last few weeks, I have looked at all of my old blog posts and designs. I have had this post on my mind, as it is about time for those hellebores to bloom again. I love that flower, but was never wild about the design I came up with for it (photographic patterns aren’t really my thing). I decided to work with the hellebore again for this brief.

I started with the single, isolated bloom:

Hellebore bloom in my yard | Annie C Designs

Then, I started picking that guy apart. I converted the photo to a vector image in Adobe Illustrator, which gave me some blobs of color to work with. I broke those blobs apart and started rearranging them. My design ended up using about 4 petals from the flower. When I made it repeat, it ended up looking kind of marble-like:

Broken Beauty Surface Pattern Design | Annie C Designs

And here it is as it would look on a few items:

Broken Beauty Mock-Ups | Annie C Designs

I kept the colors of the hellebore in this design, but I think this could use some color adjusting to make it look a bit more modern.

You can see the full gallery of designs from Winter School here.

Until next time,

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