First Crocus of Spring Surface Pattern Design | Annie C Designs

First Crocus of Spring

Look what I found in the backyard yesterday!

First Crocus 2017 | Annie C Design

It’s our first flowers of the year! I don’t remember having crocuses in this part of the yard, but Mike says I planted some there a couple of years ago. I knew I had a crocus design in my pile of spring-ish designs to post, so I got this one together to post today. This is First Crocus of Spring:

First Crocus of Spring Surface Pattern Design | Annie C Designs

This design was inspired by last year’s first crocus of the year, this little guy:

First Crocus 2016 | Annie C Design

The date on last year’s picture is February 29, so the crocuses showed up about a week earlier this time around, though last year’s flower was in the front yard, and none of those guys are blooming yet.

I made a simplified version of the crocus using just three colors and some uncomplicated shapes, then I made that crocus tiny and sweet, and dotted a minty green background with a whole bunch of them.

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