Tumbling Tangram Rainbows Surface Pattern Design | Annie C Designs

Spoonflower Design Challenge: Tumbling Tangram Rainbows

This week’s Spoonflower Design Challenge theme is Tangram. It had been quite a while since I thought about tangrams, so this was a fun little challenge to play with for me.

So, what the heck is a tangram? I didn’t know it by name either, but once I saw an example, I remembered these little puzzles from my youth (my dorky, dorky youth). Spoonflower does a pretty good job of explaining it, so I will just quote them:

“Originating in China, a tangram is a dissection puzzle made up of seven pieces known as ‘tans.’ Essentially, it is a shape made up of a group of smaller shapes that never overlap.”

I started my design with a square that I broke up into seven pieces. Since seven is the Roy G. Biv number, I made my tans rainbow colors:

The Basic Square | Annie C Designs

I like the square! I may come back to that at some point, but for this challenge, I set out making some new shapes out of my tans:

Tan Shapes | Annie C Designs

I should mention that I went through this process a few times before I settled on the main square above. I did another rainbow colored one that had different shapes in it, and I did one in shades of green and blue that was pretty, but just didn’t come together the way I wanted. With this design I got a kind of fish guy, a sort of bird guy, and the rainbow-ish shape (the last one I came up with, which is weird because of the whole rainbow colors thing).

I tried to get all three of those shapes in one design, and it just wasn’t working for me, so I decided to use only the rainbow. I did some resizing, some rotating, some duplicating, and came up with this, Tumbling Tangram Rainbows:

Tumbling Tangram Rainbows Surface Pattern Design | Annie C Designs

I decided to use a black background for this one because I tend to use white backgrounds on designs like this, and I wanted to try something different. I like it!

There aren’t quite as many entries in this challenge as there have been in the past few, but there are still a bunch of cool tangram designs over on Spoonflower. Go there now and vote for your favorite looks!

Until next time,

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