Watercolor Hexagons Surface Pattern Design | Annie C Designs

Watercolor Hexagons

Oh my goodness! I am doing my first craft show for Webster Fiber Arts this weekend and getting ready for it is consuming all of my time. I’m making price tags and business cards and stickers for bags and all sorts of fun things, but they all take time, so much that I completely missed showing you my last geometric design for the Spoonflower design challenge until now! Argh!

It is like I knew I was going to be a little stressed, and created this design as a pre-emptive calming device. It is blue and green and watery and hexagony and very soothing to me. This is Watercolor Hexagons:

Watercolor Hexagons Surface Pattern Design | Annie C Designs

This design is different from most of my other hexagon patterns in that I painted this one instead doing the entire design on the computer. It is less precise than the designs I usually make, and that was my goal. I painted these little guys while Mike and I were watching the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament. It was a good time!

There are a TON of hexagon designs in this week’s Spoonflower challenge (I guess I am not the only person who likes hexagons). You can check them out, and vote for your favorites, here.

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