Potato Print Sun

Well, hello there! Since last I posted here I have seen an eclipse and I have seen 30 inches of water in our basement and garage. I must say, the eclipse was WAY better than the flood.

I was working on this sunny, eclipse-y post when we decided we needed to move our cars to higher ground, and I am just getting back to it now. We’ve been busy, and continue to be busy with cleaning and figuring out what we are going to do next, but this happy little pattern has been in the back of my mind, and I’ve been looking forward to getting back to it!

Potato Print Sun is pretty much what the name say: Sunshine shapes I made from a stamp I cut from a potato. You can see my original, work in progress post about this one here.

Potato Print Sun Surface Pattern Design | Annie C Designs

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I have missed making my designs available on the many products on Society6 and Redbubble, so I have been working on getting my missing designs uploaded to those sites. I have a few more to go, but Potato Print Sun is up on both sites now!

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Until next time,

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