Pastel Hearts | Annie C Designs

Valentine’s Day is Coming Soon

Friends, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Ok, it is a fairly big corner, but if you are planning on making something or ordering a gift online that needs a little production time, that corner is not that big at all. Also, I have already purchased a bag of conversation hearts candy, so it is here.

I have a number of lovely (heh, love-ly) designs in my collection for all of your Valentine’s Day needs! Swing on over to Spoonflower to get your love fabrics today.

Love Surface Pattern Design Collection on Spoonflower | Annie C Designs

I don’t want to try to sway you with an “all the cool kids are doing it” argument, but the Pastel Hearts design in the upper left corner is my biggest seller on Spoonflower.

Not into making something? No problem. My Love collection is available in my Society6 and Redbubble shops on a variety of items from pillows to stickers.

Love Collection on Society6 & Redbubble | Annie C Designs

Until next time,

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