Tote Bags in my Society6 & Redbubble Shops

Tote Bags by Annie C Designs on Society6 & Redbubble

I have about a million tote bags. I think they are super useful. There’s the obvious grocery store applications, but I use them around the house all of the time. When I am cleaning, I fill them up with stuff that belongs in other rooms so I can tote it elsewhere. When we pick stuff from the garden, we fill up a tote. When I am moving crochet projects I’m working on from my basement studio to the more comfortable upstairs couch…into a tote bag it goes.

My tote bags at Society 6 are made from a lightweight poly poplin fabric and are very durable. They come in three sizes: 13 inch, 16 inch, and 18 inch. I have a couple of these bags in the 13 inch size that I use as purses. They are roomy enough to carry my wallet, keys, and other essentials as well as a ball of yarn or two and a little pouch of crochet supplies, but it isn’t like I am lugging around a huge bag. The cotton strap slings over my shoulder nicely. You can find all of my Society6 tote bags here.

The Redbubble All Over Tote is similar to to Society6 version—polyester fabric, cotton straps, three sizes. You can see all of my Redbubble tote bags here.

Redbubble offers a second tote bag option: the cotton tote bag. These bags are made of a lighter-weight cotton fabric and are available in one size, 15 ¼ inches. These bags do not have an all over print, but feature a single print on one side of the bag. My cotton tote bags are available on Redbubble here.

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